Salient Features

  • Control system with a smart-HMI that provides all the information on settings, production and help improve efficiency Safety covers and systems for protection
  • Three roller gluing system with reverse spinner; calibrated head and tail end cut-offs to avoid adhesive squeeze out (mechanical and pneumatic options)
  • 6 book clamps travelling in an oval shaped path, where the spine is in line with the crucial binding station
  • Separate side gluing station with tank and gluing discs. A thin and even layer of glue is spread along the side adding value to the book finish
  • Calibrated book clamps with thickness indicators; single knob adjustments. Easy job change over
  • Automatic, pile type cover feeder with adjustable and ornamental creasing attachment
  • Height and pressure adjustable ram for book blocks
  • Continuous flow of clamps to the feed-in station with "No book-No cover" system
  • Pre-pasting station and moving type Cam based cover nipping station which can handle high speeds with accurate cover registration
  • Special type milling cutter which removes paper in "strips" form (which has commercial value) and avoids generation of paper dust. (Optional dust collector system)
  • Chute delivery system
  • Technical Data

Max book size 440 mm x 230 mm
Min book size 150 mm x 100 mm
Spine thickness 3 mm-50 mm
Max cover size 400 mm x 510 mm
Min cover size 150 mm x 220 mm
Mechanical Speed 2500 cycles/hour
Special Sizes On request

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