CDC installs Wohlenberg Lucro

16 Jul 2012

Manu Chowdhary of CDC with Wohlenberg Lucro 5000 inline binder

CDC Printers of Kolkata have already established a name for themselves as an award winning printer of Annual Reports. Their commercial printing unit has a battery of Heidelberg multi colour machines and bindery including perfectbinders and trimmers from Welbound. When they decided to put up a greenfield project to produce one hundred thousand soft cover books per day, they decided to rely on the expertise and support of Welbound. Chittaranjan Chowdhary, the managing director of CDC put the final touches to the deal to buy a Wohlenberg Lucro . He had earlier visited the Welbound factory at Thiruvananthapuram to see the machine in action.

He said, “I could see government textbooks, with not-so-great quality paper and cover stock being bound to perfection, on a pallet of more than 4,500 books per hour. The machine has a smaller foot print and is very energy efficient. The special vacuum technology used by Wohlenberg ensures difficult signatures being gathered, efficiently.

Wohlenberg’s Lucro is the answer to need of book printers in countries like India, to have a robust and beneficial solution for high speed book production. The proven German technology is adapted to include features that will sustain the stress of not-so-ideal working conditions: be it the quality of substrate, the operator know-how, electrical stability and so on. Lucro combines the strength of the proven efficiency of the Sprinter gatherer and the City binder, with sensible and essential automation, that is foolproof. The Sprinter is a high speed automated gatherer that can run at speeds upto 8000 books per hour, offline. It uses the patented Winjector technology that is quicker, more efficient and energy saving. The direct shaft-drive of the gatherer, without chains, ensures zero transmission loss of motion. The gathering and transportation of signatures is vertical, thereby avoiding additional elements for straightening prior to entry into the binder : again an example of saving on space and energy.

Wohlenberg Lucro follows the lineage of the Wohlenberg binders that stand out for their smart and economic use of space and energy. For a 5000 books per hour machine, Lucro requires the lowest foot print and consumes the minimum of energy.

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