Global Launch of fourth edition of Bookbinding with Adhesives

11 Jan 2011

Welbound Worldwide shall officially launch the fourth edition of  Tony Clark's Book Binding with Adhesives during PrintPack 2011 at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi. Tony Clark is known to readers of Welbound Times. He is renowned for his seminars, training sessions and plant audits.

Tony Clark is known to readers of Welbound Times. He is renowned for his seminars, training sessions and plant audits. Clark has completed 45 years of engagement in adhesive development - during which he specialised in unsewn binding with hotmelt and PUR. He developed a notebook like tensile page pull device. These days, he is a corporate quality control manager who deploys this unique testing device into every binding facility.

But above all, he is renowned for his classic book on post-press operation, Book Binding with Adhesives. The book was out of print. In fact whenever someone from the Indian print community wanted to source a copy - it drew a blank. The good news is, Welbound Worldwide is publishing the fourth edition of Book Binding with Adhesives.

Werner Rebsamen, the world famous bookbinding scientist and teacher, rates Clark's book very highly: " Tony Clark has seen too many failures related to adhesive binding and in the 1980’s decided to publish a book on that particular subject. This was  to help hard-working operators down in the trenches, to solve their everyday adhesive / perfect binding problems. He left no subject out and covered it all – paper grain-direction, poor signature handling, spine preparations, one and two shot applications, book-testing and best of all, 26 pages of fault-finding illustrations and description. Wherever I had the pleasure to share my knowledge in foreign countries, no matter if they spoke Spanish or Chinese, I was able to pin-point faults, all thanks to Tony Clark's book and its great illustrations."

According to Anil Krishna, the CEO and GM of HenkelCACPvt Ltd this book has been a great help in understanding adhesive binding. He says: "In very simple language, with the help of minimum words and more pictures, the author explains the basics of adhesives, bookbinding — and then going on to describe the new trends in technology. What has hugely helped me and many others in my team as well as customers — is the trouble shooting section. Till such time, when the pressures in managing a 100 plus team took me away from the day to day field trials, the book used to be my constant travel companion."

Henkel, the world's largest adhesive manufacturers has supported this venture to spread the knowledge by making it more affordable and accessible. Jak Printers, the award winning printer from Mumbai is the print-partner for this project. The book cover was designed by G V Srikumar of Industrial Design Centre, IIT (Mumbai). The fourth edition has been edited by RamuRamanathan, editor of PrintWeek India.


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