Personal Graphics New Delhi expands operations

29 Nov 2010

Madan Pauriyal, Personal Graphics

Personal Graphics and Advertisers is a private limited company, in Okhla and is run by Madan Pauriyal and Braj Vihari Sharma. Madan had worked in a number if MNCs in marketing and advertising before venturing into print.

Their relationship with Welbound began with a single clamp binder installed in 2004, at their unit in Okhla Ind area. This machine helped them establish a name in book printing. They targeted niche areas like 'guides for competitive exams', which demanded that books are produced in a very short interval. The requirement of perfect bound books went up quite fast. The single clamp was put into a 24 X 7 usage and still the demand could not be met. The key stumbling block was that their bindery was in the basement, with a narrow door, (typical of many bookbinding units in Okhla) and a big machine could not be taken through the door, easily. Welbound took this as a challenge - the WB 2000 was brought to their door from Kerala, completely dismantled, taken down through the narrow door, steps and re-assembled.That was out of the box thinking. 

The enhanced capacity in binding put stress on printing, and more so on space. This made Madan and Braj Vihari to shift their complete operations to a new building in Okhla, about 15000 sq ft in area. They replaced a couple of printing machines, with younger models.Faster machines meant more signatures to convert - demanding a faster and accurate folding system. Also, the perfect binder churned out roughly 15000 books a day, which could not be trimmed using a guillotine accurately. "We had complete faith in Welbound - in their products, services and above all - ability to support our specific needs to address not-so-normal-constraints", says Madan. This resulted in investments in a Diploma folder and Trident trimmer, from the Welbound Family. "The personal attention given by Madan and Braj Vihari to their customers, their willingness too work hard, as well as meeting their commitments - all these meant that their customers diverted more jobs to them - putting more pressure on their capacities" Says Sanil Kumar, Area Sales Manager - Delhi of Welbound.

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