Printwell gives 'print city' tag for Aurangabad

14 May 2011

L-R, Suhas kulkarni and Pradeep Shinde with WB2000

Aurangabad, an important district in the state of Maharashtra, is better known for the world famous Ajanta and Ellora Caves. Due to these two Unesco world heritage sites, Aurangabad is often called the tourism capital of Maharashtra.

Aurangabad, an important district in the state of Maharashtra, is better known for the world famous Ajanta and Ellora Caves. Due to these two Unesco world heritage sites, Aurangabad is often called the tourism capital of Maharashtra.

Aurangabad has many polytechnic and industrial training institutes, which not only offer education in engineering technology but also specialized courses such as Food Technology, Nursing, Crafts, Animation, etc. The Institute of Aircraft Maintenance Engineering, one of the specialized institutes in avionics is in Aurangabad. The Marathwada auto cluster in this city houses well known automobile manufacturers like Volkswagen, Audi and Skoda.

However despite the thriving tourism industry and the vibrant educational market, there was hardly any print industry, back in early 90s. The dependence on the more developed 'Pune', was quite high. All this changed, thanks to a duo of  Suhas Kulkarni and Pradeep Shinde. They used to play for the same cricket team; and at some point decided to set up a good print set up in their home town. They started up with a DTP unit called - Pagesetters and later went on to printing and binding.

The initial focus was on textbook printing and the volumes offered by the Maharashtra State text book corporation helped them in their formative years. The printing was mainly on web offset machines and the bindery had two single clamp perfect binders from Welbound. Printwell decided to think big and invested in a 4 colour machine. The encouragement from the market saw them following this up with one more.

Today Printwell International has a battery of sheetfed and web offset presses, backed up by a strong pre-press and post press. They cater to the commercial print, educational publishing and local requirements of packaging. They have also forayed into the international market with participation in various book fairs.

In addition to the single clamp binders and a WB 2000, Printwell also has the Trident 3 knife trimmer from the welbound family. In the march 2011, they went in for one more WB 2000 to cater to the increased demand in educational books printing.

Today there are many print companies of varying sizes that have come up in Aurangabad, thanks to the inspiration from Printwell. Pradeep Shinde feels proud, when customers from Pune come to their office for printing; and there are many such days in his calender.

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