Upkar Prakashan installs Pickwel

15 Apr 2011

Mahendra Jain, Upkar Prakashan

Upkar Prakashan, the Agra based competitive-test specialist, began its journey about 4 decades ago. They created a niche market for General knowledge books and test papers focused on competitive tests - in Hindi.

For the youth from the Hindi heartlands, this opened the doors to the thousands of jobs offered by the state and central government establishments. In order to make this happen, Upkar focused on quality of content and production. They also ensured that the books were kept affordable. In order to achieve the cost effectiveness and production quality, they invested in their own book printing infrastructure. They went one step ahead and broke the convention by investing in brand new equipment. According to Mahendra Jain, the CMD of Upkar group " In the long run, the new machines deliver better quality and productivity - and that is the only way to produce cost effectively".

From a few titles when they started,  Upkar has grown to a National leader in its segment - with more than 1600 titles in both English and Hindi. From publishing the career guides, General knowledge books and the other tools that help one in competitive exams, Upkar ventured into magazines addressing the same market. Today " Pratiyogota Darpan"  is the No.1 monthly in Hindi as per the Indian Readership Survey.

Upkar has in-house editorial board of over 70 professionals and over 50 regular contributors from across India. The sales and distribution is supported by a network with over 5000 business associates.

Welbound has been associated with Upkar group for about a decade now. A WB 2000 was installed at their plant in Agra to meet the demand in book production. This was soon followed up with one more. When Upkar decided to expand their capacities many folds - they again chose Welbound as their trusted post press partners. Pickwel was chosen over used machines to add on to the brand-new Komori four colour press, at the new plant. What attracted them Pickwel was the scope of upgradability and “Picksense” automation feature. As a publisher they realise that an incorrectly gathered book can dent their book (and reputation) permanently. Upkar also has Diploma folder, WB 3600 twelve clamp perfect binder and Trident E 20 three-knife trimmer at their new plant.

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