Welbound to initiate Technology forum for the stakeholders of book print industry

06 Dec 2018

“The book business is being challenged by the digital technology - be it internet or e-books. In order to do well in this situation, we must take stock of our current strengths and weaknesses. Effective engagement between all the stake holders i.e publishers, printers and technology providers, is the best way forward”, says K C Sanjeev, chairman and managing director of Welbound. Welbound Worldwide has taken the initiative to organise technology forum for Indian book printers.

This step has been taken for the “advancement of the Indian book printing industry” and will be regularised into monthly customer meets at its Thiruvananthapuram factory, which Welbound intends to showcase as a “technology base in book binding”.

The first such meet was hosted on 1 February 2013 and the theme revolves around business and technology. As in the past through their technology seminars, called Welbound knowledge yatra with top publishers or even the NBPC initiatives for the Book City or at London Book Fair and Frankfurt Book Fair, Welbound looks at knowledge dissemination through Welbound Technical Services.

Sanjeev says, “This will provide book printers with knowledge in business and technology, latest trends and best practices. Our technology partners from Germany like Henkel, Wohlenberg and GUK will also get involved, along with the knowledge bank from external agencies, depending upon the theme.”

“We are looking at this as a better alternative to participation at national print exhibitions and as something focused. We need intense and regular interactions,” said P Sajith, director, marketing and sales at Welbound. “We plan to have a maximum of 20 printers attending each of these sessions, so as to provide the special attention to their specific issues and requirements”

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