NBPC Core group formed : Meets in Mumbai

03 Oct 2012

India's leading book print exporters met in Mumbai, on 19th December to form a core group that will head the NBPC movement. NBPC is constituted as a special interest group that will support and seek support from events and organizations that will work towards significant growth in book print exports from India.

The core group includes eight super book printers - Pramod Khera (Repro), Ms Amila Singhvi (IPP), Vasant Goel (Gopsons), Bhuvnesh Sheth (Replika), R Jayaraman (Multivista) (his son, Rajesh attended on his behalf), Selva Kumar (Lovely) , Gautham Pai (Manipal) (Sashiranjan attended on his behalf), C J Jassawala (Thomson) (Kapil Raina attended on his behalf) in addition to Ramu Ramanathan and P Sajith.

In this first meet the discussions were on general agenda for NBPC; there was also special focus on the 'Book City' project. The general consensus was that if Indian printers develop economies of scale there is nothing that can stand between us and success of the mission. In the coming weeks, there will be more deliberations on the Book City project.

Some of the India Vs China myths were broken when the members shot down perceptions like India being costly, availability of FSC paper and so on. The members also took the decision of collectively promoting India at forthcoming book fairs. The core committee also regretted the fact that imports of  printed books to India is more than the exports, thanks to our flawed trade laws. The benefits of deemed exports enjoyed by many manufacturing and service sectors are not extended to printing services. 

Ramu Ramanathan presented a paper titled the gaponomics of bookonomics : slipping behind shanghai. This paper looked what the Indian book print industry can do in order to reduce the gap. He listed ten trajectories that discussed information flow, establishing contacts, role of the state, economies of scale, M&A, the legal limbo, accelerators for growth, specific and selective aims, focus on education and helping other entrepreneurs. The paper also cited recent trends in publishing.

P Sajith made a presentation : "NBPC - the road ahead". This covered the perceptions of the publishing world about Indian printing. There were also discussions on the world market for book printing and the key markets where India can be successful. Send us a mail : nbpcindia@gmail.com for a copy of the paper and the presentation.

The core committee decided to meet again in New Delhi, during January 2012 to make firm up some of the decisions taken at Mumbai.This meeting also will finalise the programs for the year 2012.

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