Indian book printers unite to put up a Collective Stand at Frankfurt Book Fair

06 Dec 2018

Top ten book printing companies from India came together at Frankfurt Book Fair (FBF) 2012, held from 10-14 October, to represent India’s book printing prowess through collective stand of Indian Book Printers.

The list included Repro India, Manipal Technologies, Multivista Global, Replika Press, Gopsons Papers, International Print-O-Pac, Nutech Lithographers, Jayant Printery, Parksons Graphics and Thomson Press.

The collective Indian stand at the Frankfurt Book Fair 2012

These companies announced their collective presence in the coveted Hall 8 of FBF which is designated for the English Language World and includes printing and publishing companies from - Australia, Canada, New Zealand, USA, Great Britain and Ireland.

It was a first of its kind initiative by Indian book printers at an international book fair, sending a positive signal to the International book publishers to mark India’s presence in the global market place. It did create an impact on the visitors which was testified by two facts; increase in the number of walk-in visitors when compared against an individual presence and a packed schedule. The united front served to be great for the business too. Vasant Goel of Gopsons Papers celebrated the signing of a big contract with an international publisher at FBF. When enquired whether he felt comfortable sharing the stand with other Indian print companies, Goel gave an enthusiastic response. “It is the best way to showcase the strength of Indian book printing to the world and it can only lead to better business for everyone.”

The idea for a unified front was put forth during one of the sessions at the first National Book Printer’s Conference (NBPC), in Thiruvananthapuram in November 2011. As Pramod Khera, director of Repro India said, “The Indian print industry has gone through a revolutionary change and is poised to offer a raft of services to the world. Today India is fast becoming one of the major print producers and manufacturers of printed products to the world. The Indian Printers Collective Stand at Frankfurt Book Fair showcased the best services in this competitive environment for the international publishers”.

That apart, Hall 8 at Frankfurt Book Fair resonated the strongly generated Indian buzz as Indian publishers too confidently asserted their right to be recognised as one of the world’s leading English language publishers through a FICCI initiative called “India: The Opportune Moment”. With an estimated market size of INR 12,000 crores, Indian publishing scenario exceeds the individual output of Australia, South Africa, New Zealand and Canada.

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